The Balearic Islands in Spain are the perfect destination for holidays in the heart of nature, where you can enjoy water sports and swimming in peaceful and hidden bays! You should definitely explore the Cabrera archipelago, which is a National Park near Mallorca or discover the cultural heritage of Palma (the Capital).

Discover the deserted coves of Formentera, still away of any crowds and if you are looking for paradise beaches in combination with a vivid nightlife, then Ibiza will be your special destination! Enjoy hours of fun and partying, as the sun goes down!



Mallorca grandstands between the Balearic Islands in Spain, as one of the world’s sailing hotspots. The diversity of culture, history, architecture, art and gastronomy captivate the guests, while the sandy beaches, the turquoise waters and the nightlife make Mallorca an island with an intense lifestyle. Palma, Mallorca’s vibrant capital, is full of hidden treasures and a wonderful place to begin your charter experience. Explore the “dragon” caves with the unspoiled underground lakes and the white sand beaches or take a deep breath of the city’s cosmopolitan air! 





Cabrera is a dream place and National Park included in the Balearics. Considered as a protected area with great environmental value, chartering a yacht in this beautiful island is a unique experience. Scuba diving and snorkeling are must-do activities, as the wealth of marine life can ravish every fan! Octopus, sea slugs, loggerhead turtles and dolphins are only some of the offering species. The diversity is continued on the island with the rich wildlife and vegetation, which offer to the nature lovers unforgettable moments!






Formentera is the perfect place for relaxation and tranquility. 30 minutes south of Ibiza and accessible only by boat, she is like a postcard, a small, unspoiled paradise that deserves to be explored. Blessed with sandy beaches, transparent crystalline waters, secluded coves and spectacular sunsets, Formentera is one of the most idyllic destinations in the Balearics that reminds us more of the Caribbean. And her charm doesn’t stop there! The old lighthouses, the historical sites and the remnants of colonization are the evidence of the island’s long history. 




Famous for the wild nightlife and the endless partying, Ibiza is a must if you decide to visit the Balearics. During the night, the main attractions are the plentiful clubs & bars that call you conquer the dance floor. In the White Isle of hedonism and spiritualism there are amazing bays for every taste. Benirras, the beach with the incredible sunsets that set your spirit free, Carla Carbo with the translucent waters and Sol D’en Serra, ideal for night swimming under the twilight, are only some of the best spots to visit during your stay in the Balearics! 


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